You want to impress yourself with high mountains, beautiful nature, new experiences, and simple people? Pu Luong is the best choice. As known as one of the nature reserve places that you should visit at least on time if you’re a hiking lover.

Pu Luong trekking journey is effect to me. It helped me understand more about Vietnamese culture and nature. The sceneries are wonderful and majestic, I felt really small before of that. In condition, this blog I’ll show you all the things I know about Pu Luong. Hope you have great trip.

Pu luong trekking diary

1. 5 reasons I choose trekking in Pu Luong

This trekking in Pu Luong is an extremely valuable experience for me and here are 5 reasons to choose Pu Luong as a trekking destination:

  • This trekking in Pu Luong is an extremely valuable experience for me and here are 5 reasons to choose Pu Luong as a trekking destination:
  • Great natural beauty: Pu Luong is located in the middle of terraced fields, with green fields and hills. The majestic and beautiful scenery of Pu Luong made me mesmerized at first sight.
  • Discover local culture: I love local culture, trekking in Pu Luong, I have the opportunity to visit ethnic villages with indigenous life and unique culture.
  • Experience life close to nature: allow yourself to stay away from the noise and hustle of the city, and enjoy the peaceful and fresh space of nature.
  • Diversity of trekking routes: Pu Luong has many diverse trekking routes, suitable for all levels and interests and this is the first time I choose a trekking tour, so I have chosen the routes suitable for beginners like me.
  • Meet and share with fellow travelers: I met a lot of trekkers in Pu Luong, I met new friends, created fond memories, and experienced challenges together.

2. What time should you trek in Pu Luong?

The noisy life in the city made me tired, so I planned a trekking trip to Pu Luong by myself. If you are too, please consult and research which time to go is the most beautiful and suitable. Here are my experiences you can refer to in the following two time periods:

The end of May – the beginning of June: this is the time when Pu Luong is starting a new rice crop, at this time the rice fields or the green terraced hills are eye-catching and peaceful and will surely captivate. Anyone who witnessed it and I myself was fascinated by the terraced fields here.

Enjoy the cool air in the middle of summer with the light mist drifting in the early morning. Although this time is summer, coming to Pu Luong, you will feel cool and airy weather. Everywhere the trees are green and the temperature is just under 30 degrees.

September – October: If the period from May to June is the new rice season of Pu Luong, September – October is the time to enter the ripest rice season here. This is the time when all the terraced fields put on a brilliant yellow color covering the mountains and forests.

Choosing to trek in Pu Luong at this time, you will definitely have the opportunity to witness and admire the paradise-like beauty here and experience a peaceful, rustic, and simple life.

Please choose a time that suits your work and interests, but I recommend you to go in September – October because Pu Luong is wonderful at this time.

3. Things to prepare for trekking in Pu Luong

The long trekking journey took me away from the modern and comfortable life. For the most perfect trip, you should be fully prepared because it is not easy to buy even if you have a lot of money in your pocket. These are the tools I prepared for this trip.

  • Hiking shoes.
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Types of food, food (dry food, snack cake,) and drinking water (white water, energy drink).
  • Tents and sleeping bags.
  • Disposable eating utensils (bowls, plates, cups,… made of plastic).
  • Medical first aid kit: alcohol, cotton, bandages, fever reducer/pain reliever, …
  • Rain suit or raincoat.
  • Gloves, wide-brimmed hat, and climbing stick.
  • Types of foxes: warm shirts, thermal vests, sweaters, and short or long-sleeved T-shirts with good sweat absorption.
  • Survival kit: compass and paper map, whistle, flashlight, headlamp, multi-tool, water purifier, fire maker, survival bracelet.

4. Discover the most beautiful trekking route in Pu Luong

Pu luong trekking in mountian

Many foreign tourists trekking in Pu Luong

I have researched the most beautiful trekking trails in Pu Luong and prepared for a wonderful journey. Pu Luong – a trekking paradise hidden among the fields and jungles of the mountains of North Central Vietnam. Passionate about exploring and enjoying adventure journeys, Pu Luong is a destination not to be missed.

Ban Hieu – Ban Noc road: This is a popular and attractive trekking route in Pu Luong. Step through scenic trails, pass through immense rice fields and pass through fresh waterfalls. The majestic landscape and tranquility of this land captured my heart.

Ban Hong – Ban Khoang Road: The unique thing about this road is to admire the traditional villages of the local people, passing through nine-season rice fields and beautiful terraced fields.

Hieu Waterfall Road: Discovering majestic and fresh waterfalls, Hieu Waterfall Road is a great choice. Walk through the jungle and along the stream, enjoy the stunning beauty of the waterfalls, and immerse yourself in the peaceful space of nature.

Ma Lam Road: With the challenge and excitement, Ma Lam Road is a suitable choice for those who love climbing. The special thing is that from the top, here you can admire the panoramic view of Pu Luong with immense rice fields and majestic mountains.

Muong Field Road: vast fields and beautiful terraced fields of Muong people.

5. Trekking Options

Here are some long-distance trails for the adventurous and adventurous that I’ve explored and learned from the locals.

Uoi village -> Diving village -> Retreat area: This trek is very beautiful, there are some sections where you will climb hills and cross the forest, when you go to the mountain, the view from the top is very attractive.

Kho Muong, then combine Go to Uoi village, Diving village -> Retreat area: Kho Muong is quite a remote village and still retains the pristine features of the town and the mountains. Coming here, you can visit Bat Cave too.

The journey up the mountain to Son – Ba – Muoi. You will go through the villages of Nua, Trinh, Hin, and Ba along with the steep and steep mountain roads that are very hard to reach this peaceful and picturesque place.

– In addition, it is also possible to do both trekking and rafting. There are 2 options for this bow:

+ Trekking 3km then go to the raft to watch the river for about 45 minutes

+ Trekking 6km, then go to the raft to watch the river for about 45 minutes

The people here are very friendly, some families still keep the traditional brocade weaving, and you can completely visit the families to visit and learn. In addition, when trekking, you can enjoy the panoramic view of mountains and forests interwoven with wonderfully beautiful rice valleys.

6. Trekking Kho Muong & Doi Cave – the largest cave

The peaceful beauty of Kho Muong village in Pu Luong

The peaceful beauty of Kho Muong village in Pu Luong

My trekking journey started from Kho Muong and Doi Cave, two special and interesting destinations in the Pu Luong region.

Kho Muong, located in Pu Luong, is a verdant valley and jungle surrounded by rolling mountains. The trekking route to Kho Muong took me through immense rice fields, fresh streams, and cool forests. Enjoy the majestic natural scenery and immerse yourself in the peaceful space of the mountains.

Admire the beautiful landscape with thousands of smooth green rice plants stretching along the mountainous terrain. The rice fields create a beautiful picture, bringing a sense of harmony and peace. Not only characterized by the terraced fields of Kho Muong but also known for the tropical forests rich in biodiversity.

Immerse yourself in the jungle space, with the sound of birds singing and the rustling of leaves. The special thing in Kho Muong is the presence of many rare animals, such as antelope, bear, and tiger – a paradise for those who love to explore and observe wildlife.

In addition, Kho Muong also has traditional villages of indigenous people. The culture and customs of the nation and the gentleness and sincerity of the local people make me feel warm and welcome.

Discover the wild beauty of Doi Cave (Kho Muong Cave) in Pu Luong

Discover the wild beauty of Doi Cave (Kho Muong Cave) in Pu Luong

I continued my journey to Doi Cave – another interesting destination in Pu Luong. Located in a cave complex discovered in Pu Luong Nature Reserve – Thanh Hoa, Doi Cave has become an attractive destination, reminding me that this place is a mysterious forgotten cave.

The entrance to the cave is a craggy dirt road covered with forest trees. Making up Doi Cave are towering limestone blocks, formed about 250 million years ago. The cave has a connection with the underground river system with a length of about 2.5km to the north and leads water from Kho Muong through Pon village, in Lung Cao commune. The system of rivers and streams flowing in the cave is a known common feature of Kart rocky areas, it creates a connection between the valley valleys by the connection of flows.

The road to Doi Cave is steep and slippery, with rocky outcrops. The stalactites from many generations are inlaid with countless strange shapes, from human figures, and trees, to beasts. Going through the slippery cliffs, the deeper I go into the cave, the more I can admire the colorful rock formations, and listen to the sound of water dripping from the stalactites as if coming from afar, the more I feel every step. My feet are more interesting.

The trekking journey from Kho Muong to Doi Cave has brought me wonderful and unforgettable experiences. I was exposed to the stunning natural beauty of Pu Luong and discovered the wonders of caves and the life of bats. It’s been a journey full of adventure and excitement.

6. Meet the indigenous community of Pu Luong in Bang village

Local people and rice terraces in Pu Luong

Local people and rice terraces in Pu Luong

Pu Luong, a beautiful and majestic land in Thanh Hoa province, has many villages of indigenous peoples. Meeting the indigenous community of Pu Luong was a memorable experience in my journey

The road to Bang village is winding and winding with the natural landscape of terraced fields, primeval forests looming in deep valleys, are traditional stilt houses lying peacefully.

Bang Village has a natural area of ​​45.54 hectares, 176 households, with 681 people. The village has not only rich and diverse natural tourism resources and beautiful and rich landscapes, but also many humanistic tourism resources imbued with cultural identity.

The villages in Pu Luong often retain the characteristics of the Thai, Muong and other ethnic groups. In addition to visiting Bang village, there are villages such as Hieu, Kho Muong, Don, Nua, Uoi, and many others. In daily life, the people here live close to nature and rely on agriculture, animal husbandry and tree planting to make a living. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to exchange and learn about how to make terraced fields, how to organize life in the village and participate in daily activities.

Meeting the indigenous community of Pu Luong can also be an opportunity to experience the local cuisine. For the first time, I was able to eat traditional dishes such as rice lam, grilled chicken with banana leaves, and specialty spring rolls. You can also participate in interesting activities such as making banh chung, cooking sour soup, or making shapes from banana leaves.

7. Admire the waterwheel, paddle the bamboo raft

The water wheel on the stream is the cultural beauty of the people

The water wheel on the stream is the cultural beauty of the people

The culture here is very diverse and unique, I trekked through the roads, and waterfalls, admiring the waterwheel and experiencing bamboo rafting activities, at first I thought bamboo rafting was very difficult and scary for me. someone who is afraid of water like me. But when you try it, it feels interesting and fun.

Waterwheels are an integral part of the landscape of Pu Luong. The reels are placed in the water, moving continuously thanks to the great force of the river. The waterwheel is not only used to generate energy but is also used to irrigate the surrounding rice fields. The image of the waterwheels spinning in the sun and the surrounding landscape creates a beautiful and unique scene.

Bamboo rafting activities on streams in Pu Luong

Bamboo rafting activities on streams in Pu Luong

The bamboo rafting activity, it was an interesting and unique experience I sat on a traditional bamboo raft and paddled on the water. Bamboo rafts are the main means of transportation for Pu Luong people on rivers and lakes. Walk along rivers, streams, and lakes to explore the beautiful surroundings.

When participating in bamboo rafting activities, it feels different to enjoy the fresh air, admire the majestic mountains, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the water environment. Bamboo rafts move smoothly on the lake or river, feeling peaceful and relaxed.

This Pu Luong trekking journey is a great experience to explore the unspoiled natural beauty and challenge me. Faced many challenges of climbing, going through steep slopes and rough trails, but I was able to overcome this challenge. My trekking tour was a beautiful and safe experience. To complete this trekking trip, I have consulted a lot and if you want to experience Pu Luong trekking Please refer here!

Wish you have interesting experiences in Pu Luong – Vietnam! Experience The Best Motorbike Tour PU LUONG For 2 Days 1 Night