Welcome to accompany me on this holy Sapa planning trip! Surely you also want to know how great the plan is to explore this majestic mountainous land, right? Well, let go of all the fatigue of work and worries, let’s have fun together and experience everything to the fullest!

white clouds cover Sapa town
Fog hidden at the foot of the mountain creeps through the small Town

Sapa – a town located deep in the mountains of northwest Vietnam and very close to China, so you can feel the similarities in the culture of the region. This is the time you should be in Sapa and the things you should know first.

I. How beautiful is Sapa town?

Sapa itself is picturesque when it’s clear, but if it’s foggy and you can’t see the mountains in the distance, everything looks the same. As a destination that has grown from a small hill to a must-see tourist destination in less than 15 years. This is a place with ravishing scenery, relaxing feeling like living in white clouds. The colors, culture and cuisine of this place are all ethnically unique.

Watching children play in the romantic fields in Sapa
Watching children play in the romantic fields

When you come to Sapa, you will be amazed at the rapid development of this town. In less than 15 years, Sapa has become a popular tourist destination and must find itself losing all inspiration with all other trips.

Sapa Railway Station - a famous place to take pictures and check-in in Sapa
Sapa Station – the famous check-in photo spot of the foggy city

II. Plan a trip to Sapa

1/ The first step: Mastering the information

Before you hit the road, learn about the place, climate and local culture. Don’t let yourself become a backward person when you arrive like the girls of the “no smartphone”.

Some things to prepare when traveling to Sapa
Some things to prepare when traveling

Set up a group of “super weird, funny” friends to explore Sapa together so that the trip will not be boring. Remember to bring antics and funny toys to add humor to the trip.

2/ The “burning” adventure is not to be missed

Among the attractions are the city market, known as the “Market”, a small lake, a small central park, a square, a small Christian church, and the Sun Station, where you can catch a tram climbing mountain arrive Fansipan.

Fansipan mountain peak
Fansipan mountain peak

All of these places are within walking distance of each other in less than twenty minutes. My favorite thing we found in Sapa is walking down the hill out of Sapa town, a new four star hotel where you can enjoy the sunset view of the nearby rice terraces visible from the road.

3/ Check-in and live virtual like a star

BB hotel sapa is a famous 4-star hotel in sapa
BB hotel sapa is a famous 4-star hotel in sapa

Explore caves, rocky continents and other famous landmarks. If you have the courage, try the cable car ride to experience the “restless” feeling even more.

3/ Check-in and live virtual like a star

Don’t forget to “check-in” at unique and picturesque virtual living locations. Confidently “live virtual” and create unique, funny photos to record memories.

Relax Bar Sapa
Relax Bar

Remember that the mountains are so high to the west that the sun will set behind them an hour before the actual sunset. Don’t miss it!

Watch the sunset in Sapa
Watch the sunset in

Share your interesting experiences on social networks to find friends like how boys often sing to girls

H'mong man and woman are singing to each other
Hmong youth are playing for each other

4/ Become a “Pro backpacker” with little tips

Create memorable and cherished memories by taking photos and blogging

Become a backpacker in Sapa
Become a backpacker

Don’t forget these tips to enjoy your trip more wonderfully. In particular, ensure safety and do not cause trouble for local people.

III. Sample schedule for trekking in Sapa

In order not to take too long and to avoid starting the trip after falling asleep (or having trouble sleeping) on ​​the overnight bus, we booked the daytime bus. Our four-day trip went like this:

June 2024


  • 7:00 am departure from Hanoi to Sapa on Friday
  • 13:30 arrive in Sapa on Friday
  • Rest at hotel, find dinner and go to bed early before trekking


  • 9:00 am start the journey to Ô Quy Hồ pass
  • Overnight at homestay H’mong with our guide


  • 9am start trekking for the second day after sleeping at homestay in H’mong village
  • 3:00pm end the trip and return to Sapa
  • 4pm check in to our second hotel
  • 9pm fell asleep because I was so tired from the sun and heat!


  • 9am breakfast and walk around town in the morning
  • 13:00 arrive at Sapa Express bus office to board the bus
  • 13:30 depart on Sapa Express from Sapa to Hanoi
  • 7pm return to Hanoi

IV. End – Sapa in the heart!

With this humorous and witty Sapa travel plan, we will have memorable memories and full of laughter. Prepare yourself mentally and plan meticulously to become true “travelers” on the way to Sapa!

For more information about Sapa 3 days 2 nights trip and living with the H’mong people.