Unveiling the Magic: Discover the Best Time to travel to Can Tho Viet Nam for an Extraordinary Experience!

What does it feel like to sit on a boat for breakfast? Oh, not very luxurious, I think it is suitable for people who love nature and want to immerse themselves in a peaceful space. It’s really great, just immersing in the cool air at the river and enjoying delicious food. It’s definitely something you can only experience in Can Tho, Vietnam. Let’s discover with me “Is Can Tho worth visiting?” in the post below!

Photo of Cai Rang floating market, Can Tho

1. Where is Can Tho?

Are you planning to travel to Can Tho, Vietnam? Located in the heart of the picturesque Mekong Delta, Can Tho offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant floating markets, immersing yourself in the tranquil surroundings of ancient temples, or indulging in the flavors of authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Can Tho promises an unforgettable travel experience.

Discover the hidden gems of this charming city and embark on a journey that will leave you with cherished memories. Start planning your trip to Can Tho, Vietnam, and get ready to be amazed by its unique charm and captivating allure.

2. Best Time to travel to Can Tho Viet Nam

The optimal period to explore the enchanting city of Can Tho is between December and February. During these months, the weather is pleasantly cool, and the nights are dry, creating an ideal atmosphere for your visit. If you prefer to avoid scorching temperatures, it is advisable to steer clear of the period from March to June. 

Furthermore, in Can Tho from June to November, flooding is common when heavy rains last for several hours and the water has not yet receded. You will have difficulty moving during these times. Therefore, I recommend that you choose the right time to travel Can Tho Viet Nam.

Photo of tourists experiencing canoeing in Can Tho

3. How to get to Can Tho?

You can travel to Can Tho Viet Nam mainly by coach from any city. This option offers a variety of destinations at budget-friendly prices . Alternatively, you can choose to travel by plane, which has become available in recent years. Although this option is slightly more expensive, it allows you to save time and enjoy better service. If your trip stops at many places in Vietnam, I recommend that you choose to go by coach. When I travel to Can Tho Vietnam, I go on a tour of Vietnam Daily Tourist, so the car is all prepared, I don’t need to worry anymore.

Phuong Trang bus moves to Can Tho

4. Accommodation when traveling to Can Tho Vietnam

I don’t see too many accommodation choices when coming to Can Tho. You can choose to stay in hotels, motels, homestays. But tourists will easily rent a room in Can Tho at a cheap price.

5. Internet Availability

Internet access is widely available in Can Tho. Most hotels, cafes, and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi for guests. Additionally, you can purchase a local SIM card with data to stay connected throughout your trip. I asked the tour guide to help me buy a Vietnamese sim for convenience in using the Internet.

6. Where to exchange currency

In Vietnam, the currency is VND. For convenient shopping, I recommend you to change your currency to VND. There are small food stalls that do not use foreign currency. You can exchange at banks, jewelry stores. In my previous trips to Vietnam, I used to change money at banks and had a bad experience. Some banks need to do many procedures and have to wait for a long time.

During this trip to Can Tho Vietnam, an experienced friend introduced me to change money at Viet Nam Daily Tourist. I was quite skeptical at first, but as a result the back office is very fast and the conversion rate is very good. Because Viet Nam Daily Tourist serves very quickly, enthusiastically and professionally, I chose this unit to accompany me during my vacation in Vietnam.

7. Is Can Tho a suitable tourist destination for children?

Can Tho is a family-friendly destination, and traveling with kids is generally safe and enjoyable. The city has many attractions and activities suitable for children, such as boat tours to the floating market, cycling along country roads and visits to the orchards. However, if you choose to travel to Cai Rang floating market, you need to supervise children regularly. Visitors will be on a boat and will be taken to the attraction, please take care of the children.

8. Local Cuisine

Referring to Can Tho cuisine, I still remember the taste of vermicelli with shrimp paste. It must be said that this is a very attractive dish of the people here. At first, when I was instructed to make the dipping sauce, I thought I couldn’t eat it, but the result was surprising, a large portion. Can Tho converges dishes with bold flavors of the Mekong Delta such as fish noodles, grilled snakehead fish, pancakes… 

Especially, many vegetarian tourists especially like to travel to Can Tho Viet Nam. Because there are restaurants here specializing in providing vegetarian dishes for diners.

9. Places you must not miss when traveling to Can Tho

I don’t think Can Tho is suitable for tourists who want to experience thrills. But surely traveling to Can Tho Vietnam will be very suitable for those who love the folklore and experience the daily activities of the people in Can Tho. Even if I live in Can Tho for a month, I never get bored. Surely you are curious what Can Tho has that I am so passionate about. Let’s explore together!

9.1 Cai Rang Floating Market

Do you remember the feeling of sitting and having breakfast on the boat that I mentioned at the beginning? Exactly, I experienced that feeling here. Cai Rang Floating Market is one of the must-see destinations in Can Tho. This is the largest floating market in the Mekong Delta region and offers a fascinating glimpse into the local trading culture.

is can tho worth visiting
Photo of tourists visiting Cai Rang floating market, Can Tho

The market starts early in the morning and is most vibrant at sunrise. Therefore, our whole tour group got up at 5 am to prepare to go to Cai Rang Floating Market. My first time riding a canoe. You will be wearing life jackets and sitting on the big down. The boatman drove us to the middle of the river.

Oh, it’s too crowded in here. There are many street vendors selling breakfast food, a variety of fruits, vegetables, seafood and other products here. I immediately enjoyed a bowl of vermicelli right on the boat. Yummy!

Fruit is very cheap here. I bought 3kg to invite everyone to eat. This is definitely a place that you must not miss when coming to Can Tho.

9.2 Truc Lam Phuong Nam Monastery

One of the tourist attractions in Vietnam is the pagoda. Traveling to Can Tho Vietnam, it is impossible not to visit Phuong Nam Truc Lam Zen Monastery.

Truc Lam Phuong Nam Monastery
Truc Lam Phuong Nam Monastery

Set amidst peaceful surroundings, Truc Lam Phuong Nam Zen Monastery is a beautiful Buddhist monastery that offers peace and serenity. The monastery has beautiful gardens, intricate architecture and stunning views of the surrounding countryside. It must be said that the architecture here is extremely beautiful, bearing the ancient architecture of the Vietnamese people. In addition, I feel very peaceful here, can drop myself into this wonderful space.

9.3 Can Tho Night Market

Can Tho Night Market is a bustling and vibrant market located on a pedestrian bridge. It comes alive in the evening and offers a lively atmosphere with a variety of stalls selling local products, handicrafts, clothes, accessories and street food. The night market will have stalls selling food and stalls selling clothes.

Can Tho Night Market
Can Tho Night Market

I really enjoyed walking around the night market. Although I have visited a few night markets in other tourist destinations of Vietnam, I find Can Tho special because of its bustle, delicious food and even a pedestrian bridge. I have enjoyed chicken sticky rice, bread, grilled rolls here. They are excellent., fresh spring rolls and traditional desserts.

9.4 Hung Vuong Temple

A new place appearing in Can Tho not long ago that you should not miss is Hung Vuong Temple. This is an important historical and cultural relic in Can Tho. Nestled among stunning landscapes, Hung Temple is of great importance in Vietnamese folklore and a testament to the country’s rich heritage. This is also my first time seeing Hung Vuong Temple in Can Tho. Too majestic.

Hung Vuong Temple
Hung Vuong Temple

This place is very large, I inquired and learned that the temple has an area of ​​​​about 39,000 m2. When our group arrived, the guide here enthusiastically introduced the magnificent architecture of the temple, the fascinating legends of the temple and paid homage to their venerable Hung Kings.

She said that this place has a unique architecture with the image of a bronze drum in the center, the square block placed under the round block means that heaven and earth are round and square. Around the main temple is covered by 18 bows engraved with delicate patterns, symbolizing the 18 Hung Kings in history. All the doors here are divided into 54 ranges representing 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. The main pavilion of the Hung Vuong National Ancestor Temple is the place to worship the Patriarchs Lac Long Quan, Madam U Co, Lac Hau, Lac General…. designed with luxurious space, with ancient style. For the first time, I admire the ancient architecture of Vietnam so beautiful.

9.5 Binh Thuy Ancient House

Binh Thuy Ancient House is a well-preserved traditional Vietnamese house, showing the architectural style of the past. It has a combination of French, Vietnamese and Chinese influences in its design. It belongs to the Duong family. Unexpectedly, a house with such a long time has appeared in so many movies.

Binh Thuy Ancient House
Binh Thuy Ancient House

Coming here, you will need to pay about 15 thousand VND (less than 1 USD) for entrance fees and photography. Thanks to the understanding of the tour guide, our group came here at the right time when the weather was very beautiful. Around 8am so the sky is clear, the sun is just up but not too hot. Very suitable for photography. I have some souvenir photos with the antiques of the Vietnamese people in the past.

9.6 Purple House

Do you like purple? If you really like purple, you will definitely fall in love with this place as soon as you step in!

The purple house, also known as the “Ao Dai house”, has become a symbol of Can Tho. Everything here has a faithful purple color. Purple house, purple car, purple flowers, purple stairs, … This place also recreates the old country houses of the Southern people, bandanas and looms.

Purple House
Purple House

If you have a camera, you must take a few dozen pictures, because it is really beautiful here. I see that there is also a service for renting purple and long dresses here. The price is also quite cheap. You will be dressed in purple and check-in here.

9.7 My Khanh tourist village

A special resort for tourists who want to experience all day in Can Tho. My Khanh Tourist Village is the place to experience the authentic Vietnamese rural lifestyle, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the traditions, customs and flavors of this charming land.

Here, I see a lot of activities like:

  • Animal circus
  • Discover the origin of the South
  • Visit the ancient house in the South
  • Pig racing
  • Off-road dog racing
  • Experience bottle feeding fish
  • Challenge 18 floors of hell
  • Experience rowing and pedaling ducks
  • Crocodile fishing
  • Relax with Fish Massage
  • Visit the wild zoo
  • Visiting the bird’s nest farming model and refining bird’s nest
  • Take pictures at the flower village
My Khanh tourist village
My Khanh tourist village

My delegation had the whole day to explore here and experience most of the activities. Because it is very large, this resort also has a tram to pick up guests. Play to your heart’s content.

9.8 Some other places to visit

How many places above are not over yet! There are still many places to visit in Can Tho such as:

  • Ong pagoda
  • Cocoa Farm
  • Old Market
  • Can Tho Beach
  • Ecotourism in Con Son Island
  • Vuon Man Ecotourism Site

Are you feeling that Can Tho is worth a trip, but there are too many places to go while the trip only lasts a few days? I used to be like that before deciding to travel to Can Tho Vietnam. But don’t worry, I’ll tell you the secret! I have consulted the Can Tho travel plan with the exact number of days I want to go for free here. Just enter the place you want to go and the number of days there, the website will send you an extremely detailed and right travel plan.

10. Budgeting for Can Tho Trip

One of the issues people planning to travel like us are most concerned about is cost. You definitely have to find out about the cost at the place you want to travel so as not to be “highly priced”.

Talking about the cost of traveling to Can Tho Vietnam, you do not need to worry too much. Because it’s really cheap. If you go on your own, you will need to spend on accommodation, meals, transportation and sightseeing activities.

Due to the last vacation, I consulted the cost and booked a tour at Viet Nam Daily Tour, so I only paid once for the whole trip, all expenses incurred during the trip were taken care of by Viet Nam Daily Tour.

travel to can tho viet nam
My Khanh tourist village

11. Useful Tips:

  • Carry a small backpack or bag as large backpacks or suitcases may not be convenient to navigate through crowded areas.
  • Stay hydrated by carrying a reusable water bottle and make use of available water refill stations.
  • Dress appropriately, especially when visiting temples or religious sites. Modest clothing that covers shoulders and knees is respectful.
  • Wear comfortable shoes for exploring the city, as some attractions may require walking or cycling.
  • Take precautions to protect yourself from the sun, including wearing a hat, sunglasses, and applying sunscreen.
  • Ensure that you have travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances or medical emergencies.

In a nutshell, Can Tho offers a unique blend of cultural experiences, picturesque landscapes and mouthwatering cuisine. Whether you’re exploring floating markets, savoring local delicacies or immersing yourself in the region’s rich history, Can Tho promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Mekong Delta. Let’s try to travel Can Tho Vietnam once.